Die Burgundermacher, 2003 – 2013

A Success Story from Austria’s Thermal Region.
Since 2003, the St. Laurent and Pinot Noir varietals have been the focus of the BurgundyMakers’ tireless commitment. The 8 vintners embody 8 different personalities, each representing a unique approach to the topic “wine”. Each of the BurgundyMakers has his own philosophy and unmistakable individual style. But these visionaries from the Thermal Region are in agreement when it comes to Pinot Noir and St. Laurent..

The Place: Thermal Region The Proof: A Soil Sample from the Steinfeld
For some time now, wine enthusiasts from around the world have been hot on a trail that leads to Lower Austria and into the Thermal Region. Upon closer examination, the Steinfeld (literally “stony field”) area around Tattendorf reveals an astonishing fact: the structure of the soil – in particular, the high proportion of limestone gravel – and the climactic conditions are very similar to the terroir of France’s Burgundy region. The soils are permeable, so moisture drains quickly, and when the sun shines, the ground heats up rapidly. It is no surprise, then, that world-class Burgundies thrive here.

Traces of Reds and Whites
Not content to limit themselves to Pinot Noir and St. Laurent, the BurgundyMakers also dedicate themselves to white Burgundies and indigenous Rotgipfler varieties. Full.bodied Burgundy-style white wines have a long tradition in the Thermal Region; they are matured classically as well as in oak barrels.

Quality Control
Compromise is not in the vocabulary of the 8 vintners. Sharing experiences, trading technical know-how and implementing quality control procedures – these have made the BurgundyMakers what they are today:
A hallmark of quality for wines from the Thermal Region.