The Thermal Region

Region and History

The Thermal Region, one of Austria’s oldest viniculture areas, lies south of Vienna in picturesque Lower Austria. As early as two thousand years ago, the Romans grew grapes for wine-making. In the middle ages, this tradition was perfected in cloisters and religious orders. Grapes for viniculture are grown on an area of about 2,200 ha (5,436 acres) extending from Vienna’s southern border to the town of Wiener Neustadt. One of the unique features of the region is that it provides the best conditions for spicy red wines as well as elegant white wines..



Soil and Climate

The climactic conditions and the composition of the soil are similar to those of the Burgundy region of France. The gravelly limestone soil in the Steinfeld is especially permeable. The moisture after heavy rains runs off quickly. The soil heats up significantly when the sun shines. The climate in the Pannonian Basin ensures hot summers and dry fall weather – ideal prerequisites for fastidious vines like Pinot Noir or St. Laurent.

Destinations for Excursions

Hiking in the Thermal Region:
The St. Laurent Wine Trail (Tattendorf):
Hike through the vineyards in Tattendorf and stop at different stations to learn about St. Laurent wine, its cultivation and about the Thermal Region. From the lookout pyramid, you can see from the Leitha range to Schneeberg mountain, Lower Austria’s tallest at 2,076 m.

The Aqueduct Trail (Baden – Gumpoldskirchen):
The Triesting-Au hiking trail follows the Triesting River through the landscape it nourishes. Visitors can read signage describing the local fauna and flora, as well as cultural features. This sheltered trail is ideal for hiking or strolling on windy days.

The Triesting-Au Trail (Tattendorf):
Auf dem Triesting-Au-Wanderweg können Besucher die von der Lebensader Triesting geprägte Landschaft durchwandern. Auf Tafeln werden die Besonderheiten der Natur- und Kulturlandschaft vorgestellt. Besonders an windigen Tagen schätzen Wanderer und Spaziergänger den Au-Wanderweg entlang der Triesting.

Bike Touring in the Thermal Region:
A new vineyard bike trail was opened at the beginning of May. Extending 15 km from Mödling to Bad Vöslau, this enchanted trail leads bikers through gorgeous wine-growing landscapes, through historic towns and renowned winery areas of the Thermal Region. The Triesting bike trail connects the communities of Teesdorf, Tattendorf and Oberwaltersdorf, and thus, the BurgundyMakers. Along this stretch are the typical wine taverns (Heurigen) of the Thermal Region, where visitors can sample the local wines and tasty local delicacies. Maps and information can be found at
Triestingau bike tour:
This 26 km long family friendly bike trail goes from Schönau to Himberg and connects the wine villages Teesdorf, Tattendorf and Oberwaltersdorf. Along a level landscape the bike trail winds through meadows and leads into the vinyard area of the Thermal Region.

Wine Shops in the Thermal Region:
Thallern Estate Regional Wine Shop (Thallern):
Under the vaulted ceiling of the wine cellar at the Thallern Estate is the Regional Wine Shop of the entire Thermal Region. Guided tastings and wine cellar tours may be arranged with advance notice. Open daily from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Regional Wine Shop Hawlik (Bad Vöslau)
Another regional wine shop can be found in Bad Vöslau. Directly inside the Restaurant Hawlik’s Schlemmereck, wine aficionados will delight in a large selection of wines from the Thermal Region.

Golf Clubs in the Thermal Region:
Fontana (Oberwaltersdorf): Austria’s most elegant place for leisure activites with an 18-hole golf course, fitness and R&R facilities, as well as a bathing pond,
Golfclub Enzesfeld: 18-hole golf course,
Richardhof (Gumpoldskirchen): 9-hole golf course, (Richardhof)
Guntramsdorf: 9-hole golf course,

Swimming Pools in the Thermal Region:
Bathing has been a tradition in the Thermal Region since Roman times. Numerous indoor- and outdoor swimming facilities invite visitors to enjoy splashing about.
Strandband Baden, Römertherme Baden, Aqua Nova Wr. Neustadt, Thermalbad Bad Vöslau,,






Other Tips for Excursions:

Heiligenkreuz Monastery: Nestled in the Vienna Woods, the Cistercian monastery in the town of Heiligenkreuz was founded in the year 1133. A visit to the home of the singing monks, whose CD “Chant” topped the charts worldwide, is always worthwhile.
Grand Casino Baden:
The most beautiful casino in Europe is located in the town of Baden near Vienna. In the summer, visitors can try their luck in the open-air casino area or relax in the summer lounge. The Restaurant Do & Co provides delights at the highest culinary level.