The Wines

We are passionate about two types of burgundy that are particularly well-suited to the Steinfeld area of Austria’s Thermal Region:
St. Laurent and Pinot Noir. These varieties feel at home on barren, stony ground. The terroir of the Steinfeld gives our wines their typical character. One can taste their provenance. The Thermal Region has been known for its burgundies for hundreds of years. This is the tradition to which we BurgundyMakers are linked.

St. Laurent - typically Austrian

St. Laurent is Austrian for burgundy. This grape type stems from Pinot Noir and thus counts as a burgundy variety. St. Laurent convinces red wine fans with its spice, its finesse and its dark fruity aromas of sour cherry and plum. This wine is typified by the coffee and chocolate notes in the nose as well as on the gums. Named after a saint; the wine begins to reach peak ripeness on the 10th of August, St. Laurentius Day.



Pinot Noir - is terroir

Pinot Noir is a real challenge for every vintner. Known as the diva of grape varieties, Pinot Noir requires special attentiveness in the vineyard. The thin skins of the grapes are easily damaged and prone to rot. The typical colour of a Pinot Noir is a light transparent brick red. This is due to the scant amount of pigment in the delicate grape skins. This wine, like no other, reflects back its terroir in its pronounced mineral notes.

The Young – red, young, fruity

The first wine of the year is a cuvée made from St. Laurent, Pinot Noir and Blauer Portugieser.
It is available every year starting in October at every BurgundyMaker establishment.



The Chocolate – for the sweet tooth!

For all those who like to sneak a treat, there’s wine in a solid state: chocolate made
with St. Laurent or Pinot Noir.