The BurgundyMakers: 8 vinters. 1 passion.

Founded in 2003, the BurgundyMakers is an alliance of 8 innovative vintners from the Steinfeld (lit. stony field) section of Austria’s Thermal Region, an area about 30 miles south of Vienna that includes the towns of Tattendorf, Teesdorf and Oberwaltersdorf. True to their name and their passion, the vintners have devoted themselves to the burgundy varieties St. Laurent and Pinot Noir.

„Life is a festival. Let’s celebrate together.“
                                                            The BurgundyMakers

Enthusiasm, vitality and enjoyment: this is what the 8 Steinfeld vintners want to convey with their wines. The BurgundyMakers’ dedication shows in the uniqueness of their wines.
Each of the 8 vintners creates wines of the highest quality, wherein the individual approaches in each wine’s unique profile can be savoured and enjoyed.

Every Burgundy is a reflection of the vintner’s personality. In addition to the wines offered by each of the 8 wineries, there are community products offered for sale under the brand name “BurgundyMakers”:

a Pinot Noir, a St. Laurent, a young wine and even a chocolate.

The BurgundyMakers by name:

Leopold Auer, Günther Dopler, Johann Gisperg, Heinrich Hartl, Jakob Heggenberger, Franz Landauer, Alfred Reinisch und Georg Schneider.